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  • Health Centre Services

We at Port Credit Athletics aim to help everyone of our members achieve greater levels of success then they ever thought possible. Our team of industry experts and personalized coaches have had the privilege of helping numerous people become fitter, healthier, happier… and change the way they look at fitness. Whether your goals are losing fat, fixing muscular imbalances, increasing strength or muscle, or just feeling better we are here to help.

About You!

What separates us?

We have a proven track record of success.

At Port Credit Athletics we recognize that everyone is uniquely different. Instead of a one size fits all approach we take the time build customized plans and programs to reflect your individual goals and unique body as well as your individual level of experience and independence.

Unlike most gyms, we hand pick your trainer to ensure the perfect match. We take into consideration personality, goals and skill set to ensure you achieve the greatest level of success.

We work around the clock to support in any way we can throughout your journey. This can include ongoing workout and diet accountability, nutritional and supplementation counseling, individualized workout program design and regular availability for progress tracking.

Some of Our Specialties Include:

Fat Loss

Muscle Building

Strength Building

Functional Training

Balance and Rehabilitation

Athletic Performance Training

Seniors Training

Individualized Program Design

Services We Offer:

  • Executive Locker Rooms
  • Child Minding
  • Free Weights, Strength, Resistance and Cardio Equipment
  • Steam Rooms
  • Full Service Clinic: Physio, Chiro, Massage
  • Motivating Group Exercise Classes, including Yoga, Zumba, Boot Camp, Spinning, boxing, kettlebell, pilates, tabata and Much More…
  • 3,500sq/ft Indoor Turf Space
  • Cross Training and Boxing Room

Our Facility

Fitness Club Hours

Monday – Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday – Sunday 9am-5pm


Monday, Wednesday and Saturday N/A
Tuesday and Thursday N/A

Meet your personal trainer to assess your fitness goals and create a customized plan for you!

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Balance Diet & Fitness

Fitness routine is just half the battle. Combining a meal plan with your fitness routine is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. Our expert personal trainers will show you how.

Making Healthy Lifestyle Choices

You must have the focus and the will to succeed to live the healthy lifestyle. We never said it would be easy but it definitely will be worth it.

Be Consistent!

Do what you love! Love what you do! Making health and fitness as a part of your everyday routine is invaluable to how good it will make you feel. Be consistent and get results!